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With over 25 combined years in residential real estate sales, commercial brokerage, and corporate real estate, Shalaya is among the longest-tenured real estate professionals of her generation.


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With a passion for helping remarkable individuals and families achieve their ultimate dreams of homeownership, Shalaya stands as a beacon of guidance in the often overwhelming world of real estate transactions.

In an industry where many find themselves lost amid the chaos of a fluctuating market, Shalaya is the reassuring voice that dispels the uncertainty. Despite the pervasive belief that real estate is an intricate web of complexities, Shalaya firmly believes that it doesn’t have to be daunting. With her expertise, she transforms the seemingly discouraging headlines into opportunities waiting to be seized.

" Shalaya Shipman, the Principal and Founder of the Shalaya Shipman Group at Compass in California boasts an impressive 24 years of real estate experience, making her one of the longest-tenured professionals of her generation."

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Client Success Stories

We have been working with Shalaya as our Real Estate Broker since 2010. She has been such an amazing resource for all things real estate. Back in 2010, Shalaya encouraged us to purchase a property in our early 20s. Since purchasing our first home, this investment has positioned us to purchase other properties. Her knowledge in the bay area helped us tremendously in picking the right investment that had huge equity potential. Shalaya has also advised us in refinancing, home equity lines and rental properties. She also goes above and beyond the expectation of a broker. Once a quarter she checks in on us and gives us updates on how our property is doing and what the trends are in the market. I know that most Real Estate Brokers move on to the next client once a sale is done - that is not the case with Shalaya. Once you have Shalaya as a Real Estate Broker... you have someone you can trust for life!

Your Vision, My Expertise

Whether you’re buying a first home, investment property, pied-à-terre or selling a home with the intention to refine your portfolio, we know exactly what it takes to deliver optimal results in the game of real estate.

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